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I finally got time to go and collect my MAMA today.  It is now officially official. Here am I, pictured with my MAMA Best Jazz/Blues Artists 2012.  It's a fancy award crafted out of material from old tv screens!

A part of the nomination process was to provide a list of music related achievements for the year.  The writing of this was a really good process for me because it got me thinking about all the things I had done rather than focussing on the things I didn't manage to get done.  My drummer did the nomination and I just provided the list of achievements for him.  I then put the awards out of my head because I was very happy with just typing up the list and because I figured with such awesome competition I didn't stand a chance!

It was a very nice surprise to find out I'd won.  The fabulous Fiona Boyes text messaged me with the news. I had to read it lots of times to be sure it was true.  I admire her talent, commitment and stamina.  She was happy for me.

It's good to be acknowledged :-)