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Blues Harp Women - out now!

Blues Harp Women Album Cover

It's out! Blues Harp Women - recently released by Ruf Records, produced by US DJ, Norman Davis and Tom Ruf, inspired by Big Mama Thornton. 31 tracks from 31 women harp players across the world (well mostly US but including 2 Aussies: me and Marion Turner :-)  It's the first of it's kind and I am thrilled to be included.

" outstanding collection that stands up not just musically, but also as a historical reference point. It is indeed a unique part of music history. In standing up as a piece of history, then technically the quality of the music on show should really be almost irrelevant. What is fascinating with this double CD is that although by it's very nature it is a blues collection, it really does cover the full gamut of the blues spectrum and the music on offer is there on it's own merit...." (Ken Brown


This 2 CD set can be purchased from Amazon or Ruf Records